What is the Best Wake Up Light?

Let us help you choose the right light alarm for your budget!


If you have read any of the other pages on this site, you will be fully aware of the fact that wakeup lights come in many shapes and forms. There is a good reason for that. As with anything else we buy today, there is no one size fits all natural light alarm clock. We all have different wants and needs so there is a huge range of products available in this niche to make sure that all wants and needs are catered for. But what features should you look out for? What is it that makes a wakeup light the best option for you?

Well, to answer those questions, you will find a list of the features below complete with an explanation of each one and the reasons as to why they may be suitable for you. With this information, you can then decide exactly what you want and need and find the best wake up light for you:

Sounds options- Music / Natural Noises

The vast majority of light alarm clocks have some form of regular alarm as well as the obvious light functionality. This may be a buzzer or radio in the cheaper models or a buzzer, radio or natural sound in the more expensive ones. The natural noise may be a singular sound, such as a bird call, or the model may have a choice of waves, birds, roosters, forests and so on. It is up to you to choose the one you would most like to hear when waking up. In addition, some of the most advanced models have the opportunity for you to put your favourite tunes on there so you can wake up to music that make you happy.

Most also have options where you can choose to increase the volume of your chosen sound over time or have it come on right away.

Snooze feature- Snooze

Yes, most alarm clocks have snooze buttons and gradual light alarm clocks are no different. Check this out if you have to have a snooze button because it will almost certainly be advertised in the features list.

- Clock / Time Display

Every single wake up light with have some form of clock on it because this is the means by which it is programmed to illuminate at a certain time. However, the clocks are very different. Most are digital in nature but they vary in appearance, brightness and position. Make sure that you choose the one that best suits your purpose. For example, if it is an additional tool to an existing clock then it may not matter but if you do need to use it as a clock then consider whether it will be easy to see and use that way as well.

- Choice of Light Intensities / Brightness

Although there are a few basic best wake up lights available that only have one set light intensity and brightness, the vast majority have several with the most expensive ones having up to 20 settings. This is so that you can choose the one to suit your wants and needs. For example, if you read at night then a really bright light allows that, whereas using it in a morning to wake up gently may require a lower brightness. The more settings available, the greater the choice you have and the better you are able to control your wake up routine. The gradual light alarm clocks do of course increase in intensity slowly but you will need to set the maximum brightness in advance.

- Choice of Light-Alarm Interval

Most natural light alarm clock products will increase the volume and intensity of the noise and light respectively at set intervals, such as a minute until it is pushed up another notch. However, you can set the interval that it takes it to get to full volume and brightness. Most allow you to do it over 10, 20, 30, 45, 60 and 90 minutes prior to hitting the specific time that you have set it for. There are others, though, that allow you to chose the exact interval you like with no restrictions. Choose wisely because you need an interval that suits you and will wake you up gently without the rude awakening caused by other alarm clocks!

Again, the cheapest models may limit your options in this area so have a think about whether it is essential or not.

- Dimmer Function

Finally, many of the best wake up lights will have a dimmer function, or several in some cases. Although the cheapest ones do not have this function, those you pay a little more for may offer you one or more of the following: main light dimmer switch, automatic dimmer for dusk simulation or similar function, clock display dimmer, or various others that may be included. This is so that you can create a harmonious environment when sleeping rather than waking up to harsh lighting of any sort. You need not use this feature but it is there for you if you believe that you will.


There are of course other functions offered by some of the options available out there. For example, one of the Philip wake up light models offers a SAD function that allows individuals to combat the winter blues if they suffer from that. Others offer extra features like the ability to put your own music on your light via USB connectivity. There are some that are simply basic models that offer you a wake up light but little else.

However, with all this information at your disposal and a wealth of options to choose from, you should now decide exactly what you want in your own light. After you have made up your mind regarding features and of course your budget, you should take a look at our reviews page. After taking a look at thousands of reviews online, we have made a list of the best options around. It will certainly take the hassle out of choosing one for you.